MERC Partners Leadership Breakfast Series with Dr. Maureen Gaffney

MERC Partners Leadership Breakfast Series with Dr. Maureen Gaffney

Executives “Flourish” at MERC Partners Leadership Seminar


MERC Partners, Ireland’s leading Executive Search company recently held the latest in its series of “Leadership Breakfast Seminars” in The Four Seasons Hotel.

John Glenny, a partner with MERC Partners introduced the proceedings, “Bringing together like-minded people with a common interest in leadership allows an informal exchange of views that is very valuable in its own right”.  He prefaced MERC’s guest speaker Dr Maureen Gaffney’s presentation by referring to that fact that despite some positive indicators in the domestic economy that there are still many difficulties to be addressed and the consensus seems to be that Ireland’s recovery will be a slow one.  He stated that leaders will therefore need to be significantly more resilient to address the challenges that lie ahead.

Glenny then introduced guest speaker Dr. Maureen Gaffney Adjunct Professor of Psychology & Society, at UCD, a well-known psychologist, broadcaster, and writer.  In recent years Maureen has become one Ireland’s most compelling commentators on how and why we need to be resilient in the face of adversity.

In her presentation,  ‘Flourishing Under Fire – The Art and Science of Being at Your Best’  Maureen pointed out that it is precisely when we are under pressure that being happy becomes even more important – for survival, for recovery and for flourishing.  She suggested strongly that not only is it possible for us all to flourish in both our personal and professional lives, but that during such challenging and uncertain times it is essential that we plan to do so.  Maureen took the audience through a range of fascinating topics.  She referenced the importance of Emotional Intelligence among leaders highlighting it as the single biggest influencer on stellar verses average leadership ability.  Maureen also discussed what prevents people from flourishing and recommended a disciplined approach to improve positive thinking.  One of her final messages to the audience was a recommendation that they should always endeavour to cultivate optimism.